A new,
own place in Italy.

General info

It had been in the air for some time. Now and then we fantasized* about our own place. What would that be like? Where? In terms of country, we had our own preference. We had doubts about the amount of work…could we afford it…..? And suddenly we saw something on the internet that made our hearts beat faster.

Suddenly things went fast. At the end of January, during the second lockdown, we flew to Italy and went to Le Marche. Traveling during the lockdown was permitted to view an estate. The place, even more beautiful than in the pictures. What a silence! Welcomed only by singing birds and rustling trees. It was like magic working for us. At the right time, the right people crossed our path to make this happen. It seemed like all we had to do was follow and take a bold step.

On June 28, we received the keys to this beautiful place in Le Marche. We did not get an explanation about the house, the installations, where you could find something. We discovered that ourselves while doing and searching. The whole summer was dedicated to cleaning, refurbishing, getting to know the place, being amazed, amazed and cherishing Italian customs. We have built up a network in a short time. Our neighbors, the electrician, carpenter, farmer, suppliers and accountant. We feel welcome and are well served.

Even though there will be enough projects left in the coming years, we were happy to receive our first groups after 7 weeks. We wrote, researched, painted, and we supervised our detox week and silence week.

We also decided that we will occasionally rent out the villa on our property to groups of up to 10 people. In this blog we want to keep you informed of all developments. The construction and agricultural activities, the construction of the garden, the sustainability, our programs, living in Italy and the possibility of renting the villa.


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