About us

La Terra Saggia
Inspires to live a more creative and peaceful life

Who we are?

Anja Hueber and Celeste Neelen are the owners and inspirers of La Terra Saggia. They have been friends for many years and are both involved in- and working for Quinx, an international training agency for leadership, personal and spiritual development, based in Belgium and The Netherlands.

At La Terra Saggia they want to create a place where you can step out of your day to day routine, to find space from where to work more creatively, live more peacefully.

They do this by organising both academic, artistic writing- and silent retreats. And make the place available to groups.

People come to La Terra Saggia from all over the world and we are proud to create an inclusive and diverse community that values each individual that comes through our doors. At La Terra Saggia you can bask in the warm glow of sunset as you breathe in the Sibilini mountain air. You can go for a walk in the olive orchard, or find some shade under the chestnut trees, examining wildflowers at your feet. There is nowhere to go and nowhere to be, except right here, right now, as you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of our beautiful sanctuary…

The aim is to make La Terra Saggia a sustainable, inspiring and connecting place.​


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